Viewing camera

To view LIVE video from the Camera on your computer, open Firefox internet browser , type in address bar,

when prompted, enter guest for both user name and password. Press Enter. Select English language in top right corner

click PC View . Refer to Connecting Camera page for further steps.

Here you can view live video and playback recorded files. In order to download files you will need admin user rights.

To view the camera from a smart phone, download and install the "CamHi" app from Google Play Store on to your Android phone.

From the same network that the camera is connected to: Open the app, "press add camera", then "Search camera UID from LAN",

tap pop up window with camera's UID, tap "Done", now see if the camera is online, tap on it to view live video.

Once you can see video, switch to cellular data ( 4G ) , restart the app and view camera.

To view , playback and download files from your computer please refer HERE