How to set up recording and email notification.

From the "Settings" window go to "Alarm" and click "Motion detection".

As per screenshot, tick Window 1 box and drag green square borders across the screen. This will be your Motion alarm zone. Adjust sensitivity where 50 is the middle value and 100 is max. Click "Apply"

You should notice green square border turns red when motion is detected.

Return back to "Settings" window and go to "Alarm", tick boxes as per screenshot click "Apply", click "Email Setting"

This shows you how to setup email notification for your Gmail account. You will need two emails.

First one: - gmail address that sends you email from camera.

Create it in Gmail.As an example you could use something like""

Second Gmail would be "" which will receive the emails - this will be your usual gmail account or it may be easier to create a new one so you will get notification mailings in a separate account.

Schedule window sets time when motion alarm will be active.

Screenshot below assumes you need alarm activated when you're at work - Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm

Going to "Advanced" field" and "Timer record" allows you to setup continuous recording times.

Bear in mind that non-stop continuous recording will give you only up to 48 hours on 64 GB SD card and there will be a lot of footage where nothing happens. So I would suggest to stay with Motion Alarm recording.

Videoshade - allows you to mask off some areas from recording privacy zone.

System -> Initialize allows you to reboot the camera , factory reset it or Backup setting data ( from IE only ) to your computer.

Below is backup file you can use to restore camera to optimal settings. If you use it , please change your email address and Motion Alarm schedule timing as well as network properties for WiFi as it is backed up with mine :-)

Device information gives you an option to Browse, Unplug or Format SD card.

So the title of the video 150930 142811 142826 says it was taken on 30th of September 15, from 14.28.11 to 14.28.26

Please view video on full screen and have 1080p enabled. Thank you.

Below is Camera back up file and CD that comes with camera.